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Healthy Ageing in Scotland

Healthy AGeing In Scotland (HAGIS) is a study of people aged 50+ in Scotland. It collects data on their economic and social circumstances and on their health. Its goal is to help improve the lives of older Scots by increasing understanding the stresses, strains and successes of their lives, and so ensure that policy meets their needs.

HAGIS is the first Scottish study to follow older people over time - the intention is to re-interview members of the study at intervals of two years.

HAGIS is also part of the world family of ageing studies which track older peoples’ circumstances through time. The initiative to develop these studies and bring them together came from the National Institute of Aging, which is an agency of the US federal government. Together, the studies now cover more than half the world’s population aged 50+. By bringing them together, it is possible to compare the lives of older Scots with those of older people in, for example, the USA, Mexico, Finland and India.

The pilot phase of HAGIS is now complete. We are indebted to the survey participants, the interviewers and our survey company FACTS International, without whose help this task would never have been completed. Thanks also go to our funders, the National Institute of Aging and the Nuffield Foundation.

We are now processing the data and some of our early findings will be published in the pilot findings section of this website over the next few weeks.

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