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HAGIS Data & Documentation

HAGIS Pilot Data

Coming soon!!!

Researchers will soon be able to access the anonymised HAGIS pilot data via the Gateway to Global Aging Data.

Researchers will soon be able to apply to the Public Benefit Privacy Panel for access to anonymised linked HAGIS survey data with health and education records. This requires researchers having full information governance training in handling personal data. 

Data Linkage 

As part of the HAGIS interview, study participants were asked for their consent to have their survey responses linked to various administrative datasets. Those included NHS Health records, Social Care Survey, Education records and Department for Work and Pensions and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs data. The 2017 HAGIS pilot consent rates to the various administrative datasets are as follows:

  • NHS Health records- 85%

  • Social Care Survey- 81%

  • Education records- 80%

  • DWP and HMRC- 77%


Currently, linkage of the 2017 HAGIS pilot data to NHS Health records and education data is being carried out.

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