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Scottish Economic Society Conference 2022

25th-27th April 2022


Great presence of our HAGIS Impact and Recovery Study team at the Scottish Economic Society conference, where 4 papers were presented. 




The first presentation outlined the HAGIS survey and detailed the methods and sample in the second wave of data collection (presented by Dr Elaine Douglas.)


Dr. John Houston described how the pandemic affected respondents’ financial situation and their saving and spending behaviour. 



Dr. David Comerford presented the results regarding respondents' expectations and plans in a third paper.

Prof. David Bell presented the results regarding respondents’ labour market participation, paying particular attention to their actual and preferred levels of working-from-home in a fourth paper.

CLOSER - Preparing for the Future conference III

18th - 20th January 2022

Dr Tamara Brown and Dr Louise McCabe will talk about

how the co-production with the co-researchers has informed

the survey development and the methods of delivery in

our COVID Fear study.

COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study

Volunteer participants wanted for our qualitative work!!!


It’s that time of the project! 


We are looking for people aged over 50 who live in Scotland to participate

in an interview or focus group of around 1 hour.


We aim to explore how concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic can impact

the way people aged over 50 make decisions on a day-to-day basis. 

The interviews and focus groups will be conducted by both a co-researcher and a member of the academic team and it will be mostly conversational.


We encourage prospective volunteers to contact our team members via email:

Dr Cristina Douglas, the project research assistant, or

Dr Louise McCabe, the lead of the qualitative work,

Participant Recruitment Form

You can download the Participant Recruitment Form for your own records. 


The 50th British Society of Gerontology

7-9 July 2021

An online event hosted by Lancaster University, UK

Dr Elaine Douglas presented at the 50th British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Annual Conference about the HAGIS: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study. 


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