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COVID-19: Arts and Poems 


Many of us are

living lives in lockdown

feeling broken.  
Cracked open.  
Wounds ripped  
where once,  
loving kisses and hugs  
lightly danced.  


The Japanese mend  
their most precious  
cracked vases  
whilst not trying to hide  
the fissures.  
They suture instead  
those hideous breaks  
with gold in the glue.  
To extract loveliness  
from life's vicissitudes.  
To celebrate evidence  
of damages done,  
and the great courage needed  
to re-form a sound bond,  
delicately causing no further harm.  
Thence new beauty emerges.  


Renewal reveres  
wounds and strength  
coalesced for survival:  
a golden repair.  

May we take pride  
That we too don't hide  
the damage  
but finesse gold repairs to  
the cracks in our hearts.  
The pain from those scars,  
doctored,  adds  
to our worth.  


Thence new beauty emerges.  


Our golden repairs.



Margot Fairclough 

Crystalline blue Kintsugi vase_edited.png

One midsummer 

The air outdoors 

lies hot and still. 

Hard to heave into lungs. 



A tiny insight 

to the patient Covid suffering. 


Released from lockdown  

I pace the beach boulevard. 

It's been weeks since last I saw it. 

Tall poppies are burgeoning. 

Clear, oxygenated scarlet, 

pools of petals beneath. 


The poppies: remembrance to

the fallen. 

Do they flower now for Covid, 

falling far, far too soon? 

They reach for the skies 

beside other, intense 

bugleweed spires. 

Contrasts, pulsing with passion, 


with the blossoming tears 

of the heartbroken left to grieve. 


Bees contentedly, buzzily, 

brush their legs 

against all the petals, 

drawing forth succour and


whilst they hum. 

Joining the separated. 

Feeding new growth. 


It feels right 

to take comfort in this 

stunningly beautiful 


emerging from 

the arid soil and 

the airless air 

of a Covid midsummer. 

Margot Fairclough 

Poppies and blueweed_edited.jpg

Midsummer poppies

Japanese Kintsugi

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