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Healthy AGeing In Scotland

Healthy AGeing in Scotland (HAGIS) is a study of people aged 50+ in Scotland. It collects data on their health, economic and social circumstances. It uses this information to help researchers understand the lives of Scotland’s older people. This understanding will help improve the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s older people.

HAGIS is the first comprehensive Scottish study to follow older people over time - the intention is to re-interview members of the study at intervals of two years. HAGIS is part of the Health & Retirement study family of longitudinal ageing studies. Together, these studies cover more than half the world’s population aged 50+. By bringing them together, it is possible to compare the lives of older people in Scotland with those of older people across Europe, or in the USA or China. These comparisons provide many opportunities for cross-country learning and shaping better policies and practices.

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HAGIS: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study

New HAGIS: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study supported by the UKRI Economic and Social Research Council

Will concerns about COVID-19 affect our lives in the future?


Decisions such as visiting family and friends, attending GP/hospital appointments, returning to work and how we consume may all have changed due to worries about the disease. 

The HAGIS: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study will help us to understand how concerns about COVID-19 are preventing older people in Scotland from participating in social, health, and economic activities in the way they did pre-pandemic.

This will help researchers and policymakers from all over the world to understand and respond to the social, health, and economic impacts of COVID-19 related worries.

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Working with Generation Scotland


We are partnering with another Scottish study

Generation Scotland is a research study based at the University of Edinburgh Department of Molecular Medicine which looks at the health and well-being of volunteers and their families. We are surveying members of the Generation Scotland study in order to get a wider view of attitudes to the COVID-19 pandemic across Scotland. 

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