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Blog: Free personal care in Scotland - Prof. David Bell

The 1998 Royal Commission on Long-Term Care recommended that the government should meet the costs of personal care in the UK. It argued that since cancer care is available free through the NHS, the same should apply to Alzheimer’s disease. So is the Scottish system of FPC a worthy policy aspiration for the rest of the UK? Let’s look at how it works.

Latest evidence from the HAGIS pilot!

Findings from the HAGIS pilot have highlighted that there are significant differences in bowel screening participation rates between single men and men who live with a partner.

Pilot Data

The HAGIS team have been working hard to prepare the pilot data for analysis.

HAGIS takes to the field!

The HAGIS pilot survey goes into the field this month! Interviewers from our fieldwork company, Facts International, will be knocking on the doors of randomly selected households in mainland Scotland and asking for permission to interview household members about their outlook on life, their circumstances and their health. This is a first for Scotland.

ELSA Wave 7 Launch

David Bell and Elaine Douglas went to the launch of the seventh wave of the English Longitudinal Survey of Ageings on October 13th. HAGIS is yet to have its first full wave, so we are well behind England! Even so, ELSA is a youngster compared with the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) which began back in 1992 and has surveyed a group of Americans aged 50+ every two years since then.

Ethical Approval for HAGIS

The HAGIS project received ethical approval from Stirling Management School on the 23rd of October 2015.

The HAGIS launch conference

The presentations each pointed to the important role that HAGIS will play in helping to understand the ageing process in Scotland, especially in the presence of the ageing population facing us today.


Financial literacy, retirement planning and well-being among Scots
The University of Glasgow
Professor David Bell presented a conference paper entitled “Financial literacy, retirement planning & well-being among Scots” at the 3rd International Workshop on the Internet for Financial Collective Awareness & Intelligence held at the University of Glasgow on 12th November 2018.
Ageing and e-commerce – exotic expression or reality?
European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organisations
Dr Maria Rybaczewska and Professor Leigh Sparks presented a paper addressing e-commerce and ageing using the HAGIS pilot data. This work is an extension of their earlier work ‘Online Shopping and Service Use in an Older Population in Scotland’ in the HAGIS Pilot Study Report.
A cross-country analysis of subjective life expectancy: effects of population characteristics and elicitation procedures
University of Southern California
Dr Elaine Douglas attended the Conference on Cross-Country Analysis of Retirement, Health and Well-being at the University of Southern California.
Scotland 2030 – Growing Older in Future Scotland
Scottish Parliament
Scotland’s Futures Forum (a think tank for the Scottish Parliament) invited Professor David Bell and Dr Elaine Douglas to join a panel-led discussion on the experience of growing older in Scotland, the challenges and opportunities for the future, and the question of how an older population may change Scottish society by 2030.
International Long-term Care Policy Network Conference
- Vienna, Austria
David Bell presented a paper, written in conjunction with Elizabeth Lemmon (PhD Student), addressing variation in home care provision in local authorities in Scotland at the International Long-term Care Policy Network Conference in Vienna.
Older People’s Capabilities as Valued Functions
- Vienna, Austria
Elaine Douglas presented a paper on older people’s capabilities in Scotland using HAGIS pilot data.
Engagement with health behaviours in an ageing Scottish population
- British Society of Gerontology Conference, Manchester
Elaine Douglas and David Bell used a latent class approach to understand health behaviours in the context of loneliness and social connectedness in Scotland.
2017 Conference
Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW.
Please join us for a special event to celebrate the success of a pioneering new study into the lives of people aged 50 and over in Scotland. Professor David Bell, Principal Investigator, is excited to share the study’s initial findings.
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